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5 Useful Items You Can Find at a Pawn Shop

5 Useful Items You Can Find at a Pawn Shop

Top 5 useful items you can find at a Pawn Shop in Salt Lake City

Here’s a list of 5 useful items that you can find at a pawn shop near you. Pawn shops are everywhere, and most are loaded with awesome products that have unbeatable prices.

Pawn Shop Power Tools

Power tools are useful items that typically last a long time. While brand new power tools can be quite expensive, buying them from a pawn shop can save you a lot of money while still getting the full functionality of the tool. Popular power tools range from drills and chainsaws to air compressors and nail guns.

Pawn Shop Jewelry

You can often save nearly 50% in jewelry costs by purchasing from a pawn shop. Whether you’re buying a wedding or engagement ring, or a beautiful valentine piece for your loved one, purchasing from a pawn shop can save you quite a bit of money.

Pawn Shop Guns & Ammunition

Guns are one of the most popular items purchased from any pawn shop. This is because guns can be incredibly valuable despite its age and can last for decades. Purchasing from a pawn shop is one of the best ways to buy and sell guns legally in the country. Pawn shops are federally registered firearm dealers and are required to comply with all federal gun regulations. This ensures that all guns bought and sold within the store are licensed, registered, and legal to sell and own.

Pawn Shop Bikes

Bikes can be quite expensive if purchased brand new. This is especially the case for lightweight, high-end bikes suitable for travelling long distances or covering rough mountain terrain. Pawn shops are usually packed with high-quality bikes that are reasonably priced. And if you’re hesitant about buying from a pawn shop, you can always stop by to test and inspect the bike for full functionality assurance.

Pawn Shop Landscaping Equipment

Lawnmowers, weed-whackers, and other lawn care equipment and tools can be purchased for a decent price at your local pawn shop. These items are perfect for the summer season and can save you a lot of money.

Stop by Sportsman’s Pawn Shop in the Salt Lake City area today and see what we have available.

Things Around The House You Can Pawn

Things Around The House You Can Pawn

Things you can pawn around your house

Finding things you can pawn in the house can be very easy.  You may not realize it, but your home could have hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of items laying around the house that you can pawn.
Pawn shops accept a wide range of house items, including furniture, movies, games, electronics, and housewares. Here’s a list of some of the most popular.

Pawn Furniture

Furniture is often underestimated for its value. As with most items, the older an item is, the more money it’s potentially worth. Furniture can also take up a lot of space in your garage or attic. Pawning any unwanted furniture can free up extra space and bring in extra cash.

Pawn Jewelry

Jewelry is one of the most popular collections that are pawned, and usually one of the most valuable. If you have any jewellery that you’ve lost interest in, or if you have more than what you think you’ll wear, this can be a great opportunity to bring in a good amount of money. To get the full value of your jewellery, you can get it appraised before stopping by.

Pawn Electronics

The electronics industry is a billion dollar industry with consumers clamouring for the latest and greatest equipment. From Gameboys to home theatre equipment, pawn shops will pay big bucks for new and used electronics across the country.

Pawn Movies and Games

Do you have a collection of movies and games that likely won’t be used anytime soon? With entertainment technology advances over the last 20 years, movies and games in physical packaging have decreased over the years, and more and more cloud-based systems have been incorporated. Save space by bringing in any unwanted DVDs, video games, or entertainment systems in for some quick cash.

Pawn Books

Books can take up a lot of extra shelf space. If you’ve lost interest in your mix of reading material, you can pawn these items to free up some shelf space and bring in some cash. The older the books, the more they’re typically worth.

Pawn Housewares

Housewares typically last a long time and most homes probably have a few lying around that can bring in some good cash. Whether it’s an old sewing machine, coffee maker, grill, or other common houseware, these items a popular item at pawn shops.

Pawn Instruments

Do you have any instruments gathering dust in the attic or garage? If you have no plans of using them again, you can pawn these items for some fast cash. Popular instruments to pawn include guitars, drums, pianos, microphones, and more.

These and many other items lying around the house can be pawned for a good amount of value. Stop by Sportsman’s Pawn shop in the Salt Lake City area today and see what we have to offer!